Wednesday, January 18, 2017

YUZU soufflé

Yesterday's meeting was fun. I made it!
Lemmon soufflé was good. A lady who ate this one first time said us "it was delicious", on the other hand the other three said  that "fresh soufflé  (which means it's very hot)  that we made the other time was more soften and delicious, however this one has kept the taste of delicious even it got cool.

Oh, you can see a can of beer, of course it's non-alcohol beer.
Did you remember? This New Year's vacation I found some interesting things.

One of them was "beer rich". I made my beer rich with lemon grass, sliced ginger and rock sugar.
And I served beer and this beer rich -- to celebrate for our first workshop this year, and celebrate belated New Year.

We enjoyed play rhyming cards and made some couplets and poems.

Snow is still falling.
North wind is still blowing.
Off beaten path is still covered with snow.
Winter is still here as I know.
Flowers are still hidden under loam.
Lazy Mieko is stuck at home.
Angel cake is almost baked.
Knife and fork is already set.
Enjoy the winter sweet together!
 by Mieko


Rosa said...

What a wonderful party! Your friends are very lucky. 😊

Mieko said...

thanks for your comment, Rosa. I'm happy to spend together with these members.