Monday, February 20, 2017

dinner at home

This weekend, I stayed home lazily.
However I did what I should do.

I cooked pre-cooked dishes and discarded 15 things.

On Saturday, I decided to make cheese fondue because I had a box of cheese fondue. It seemed to be very easy. However --- we (Yuki and I) thought that good quality French bread was necessary. So we bothered to go out to buy just this French bread.
Thanks to our efforts, the dinner was very good.

The next day (Sunday) we had SUMGETAN (Korean food).
We "bothered" to go out to a department where they deal with Korean foods to buy them.
And we also bought very "expensive" UMEBOSHI (Japanese plum) kimuchi.
There is a whole of chicken and soup in a bag.

While we were separating?  the chicken, we enjoyed SAMUGETAN.

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