Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Yuki went to work very early morning, so he jade just one bite of it and coffee.

Since the week before last week, I had said to Yuki that on Valentine's Day, it is the day to exchange cards, gifts or something with our Valentines to show our thanksfullness and love.
"So" --- according to him, he ordered something via TV shopping. It was the first time to buy something through the such way .
Not Internet, not going to a department store---- TV shopping which is the best way the senior loves. 

We'll, well and  the present arrived,

According to him (or TV), this kind of kitchen knife is made by a very skillful craftman , not made by a factory. Though it is a kind of stone knife, but it is very light.

Actually it is light. And I could discard one of my knives, which wasn't used because it was heavy.

Anyway against to Japanese culture I got a present from my Valentine.  Well, well here in Japan, we have white day in March. On the day, usually women get somthing from men. Will I be able to get another thing from him??

Additionally though he ordered it via TV shopping, the payment is deducted from home bank account.


Rosa said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I like the custom of MEN giving WOMEN gifts on Valentine's Day. I was resentful giving MEN gifts on that day when I lived in Japan! LOL :D

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments. Well, were you "resentful" on Valentine's Day??? Why? Usually women give men just chocolate and on March 14 the women usually get more expensive things than their chocolate from the men.
And yesterday --- I'll update my blog.