Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How much is it??

Do you like doughnuts? When do you eat doughnuts?
Since they dealt with doughnuts at convenience  stores which are open 24 hours, Yuki has often bought doughnuts for our breakfast.
It costs about 120 yen.
Well, the other day, we dropped by a book store which used to have a café.
And we saw a van there. A man in it sold doughnuts.
At least one doughnut costs 300 yen.
Actually it was bigger than usual one Yuki buys.

Is it an American size?
However it is expensive!



AikenJan said...

It does look bigger, Mieko. I would say donuts are often a light breakfast (donuts, juice and coffee called a "Continental"...meaning Euopean.). However, they are often a mid-morning "coffee break" snack, as well. They are baked or deep fried. There are shops that are primarily donuts shops...famous ones are Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. They have countless "flavors" of donuts. The next time you visit me I will definitely take you! Truthfully, I do not know the cost because I avoid eating them....sigh. Jan

Mieko said...

Dunkin Donuts withdrew about ten years ago, however Krispe Kreme is still here in "Japan", which means unfortunately it is not in Utsunomiya.
The most popular shop of American donuts is Mister donut, some branch shops of which is here in Ustsunomiya. However probably the flavor and size is modified to fit our Japanese life.

And probably you like the donuts which we buy at convenience stores. The advertising phrase is "healthy and low calorie". Though I think its calorie is not low, compared to American donuts I ate in America, it must be healthy and low calorie. Because the American donut is too sweet and too big for me to eat whole one itself. On the other hand I sometimes have in urge for eating American sweets including the donuts.