Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Laughter yoga

This is my monthly brochure, this brochure is put up at some city community centers.
Unfortunately, I haven't no guests from these brochures, though I received some calls requesting more information.

And today, three guests(my friends) come together for making Valemtime cards.

I'll bake a cake before their coming.

Well,well, today's topic is, 
I took a three-day training and I was qualified as a leader of "laughter yoga".

Do you know what is laughter yoga?
It's difficult to involve neighborhoods  in my workshop at home through using English, however probably "laughter yoga" will be able to involve them easily  regardless of sex, and even over 60.
 Additionally I've just learnt about -- the difference of qualified and certified.
I am certified as a laughter yoga leader from Laughter Yoga organization. So I do teach it as my job, and of course do volunteer job more using the skills. Is it right?

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