Monday, February 06, 2017

Monday has started!

Monday has started! And now it is almost evening.
Now I finally sat on the chair and started updating this blog.

Yesterday, it was Sunday, Yuki went to play golf.
And I  -- did usual Sunday chores in the morning.

Cooking pre-cooked dishes for this week,

discarding 15 things and vacuuming all rooms, 

and  --- I refilled our (Yuki also uses some of them) aroma bottles.
The pet bottle is for soften laundry, I make my original softener based citric acid.
The jar is a jar of Epson salt, I use it my special bath sold adding some aroma.
The blue bottle is to heal running nose.
---- it means , yes a pollen season has come. I started to take medicine, and refilled bottles for pollen allergy.
The red bottle is to heal muscle pain -- Yuki sometimes uses it.
The brand bottle is to heal headache.
AND the transparent bottle is to relax and  get calm myself when I can't sleep well from pollen allergy.
Of course the air purifier has started to work.

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