Sunday, February 05, 2017

Seasonal things in February

5 days have already gone since February started.
Last Friday it was SETSUBUN, my students who are in elementary school and I scattered beans saying "Devils out, good luck in". Who wore the mask of devil? Me? --- no in turn.

On the day, I went out to buy special beans -- and dropped by at a café. Yes as you know I love café.
There the owner lady served simmered beans called GOMOKU MAME. It is a kind of seasonable dish. -- of course we eat GOMOKU MAME as usual (if you don't bother to simmer beans) . I didn't do that for my self, so I had lunch here.

Well, after Setsubun, of courser Valentine's week comes.
This Tuesday, two ladies will come and enjoy adult Valentine's Day craft.
Of course I use "the" rest of Epson salt.

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