Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The day after Valentine's Day

Yesterday, coincidently it was the day for me to play the piano at Karaku
To be surprised it was full of audience, and it was Valentine's Day so the master served us his special.

Wonderful! And I was served another cup of coffee -- of courser for free. Lucky me.
After the concert Ms.U (reciter) and I lingered at the café for a few hours. It was really really good , calm, and "lazy" day.
And at the concert, of course to show our thankfulness we presented a piece of heart-shaped rice cracker. 
And after the concert
we got  these gifts from the audience.
Surrounded me it seems to get general that on Valentine's day we show our thankfulness and love to each other.
Of course Yuki got this one from one big group of ladies in the office.


 Do I need to prepare something for the group on March 14 as Yuki's wife???

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