Monday, February 13, 2017

This weekend

Tomorrow, it is Valentine's day, isn't it?  Did you prepare something for your Valentine?
This weekend my daughter and Ah-chan came.
Though I had a cold, Yuki took three-days off. So they went out ---

looking Hina-dolls  to the next town.
Of course to a meat shop (even there hina-dolls were decorated).

We enjoyed YAKINIKU (home barbecue)
While I was staying home, they went out to a kid's concert.
Yuki said that probably only they were a only one group of grandfather, daughter and a child.
Mainly, a group of mother, father and children,  a group of mother and a children, or a group of grandmother, daughter and children. A group of father and children is few.
He said someone might have thought Ah-chan would be his child. --- Actually we (it means Yuki and I) were misunderstood as her parent when we were three with Ah-chan.

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