Friday, February 24, 2017

Three? no five years have passed since we met each other last time.

I was really happy for her to have come over all the way.
Today a friend came here from the next prefecture -- well, it doesn't seem to be distant, however, the traffic condition is not so good. It takes more about three house by changing local trains.

We were really surprised that five years have already passed since we met each other last time.
Both of us run our own ECC English school, so of course we have lots of things to talk in common, however we talked about our "senior" life mostly, because we are almost at the same age.

We were going to go out for lunch somewhere, we thought staying at my house would be more easier and cozier.

So I prepared lunch.

It was a good excuse to buy this Bagna cĂ uda sauce on the net.
This winter vacation, I found it at a store, and it has become our favorite.
So for her coming I bought some again.

The dessert was of course


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