Friday, March 31, 2017

A small concert at a cafe

Today it is the last weekday.
What are you planning on this weekend?

Last Saturday, though it is a week ago, Yuki and I went to a consent at a cafe. 
The Cafe is -----

Yes, it is the cafe where they let me put some my Englishpicture books on their shelf.
The books on the photo are for April. They have already decorated on the shelf.

Two performers (or more correct words are singers) appeared.
Their music is probably kind of folk songs, I'm not sure what they are classified nowadays.
The atmosphere was very calm and made us relaxed, although we are the oldest couple and the audience is different from usual audience we see at concerts. (Well, additionally, I'm not sure what types of audience is usual, anyway at that time they are younger.)
One lady introduced an entertaining song which introduce Utsunomiya. She got a job to introduce Utsunomiya through her songs. Though it 's Japanese, I put her youtube.
The scene is HACHIMANYAMA-park.
Usually around the late of March, cherry blossoms already started to bloom. However not yet this year.

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