Monday, March 13, 2017

Four and a half hour trip to Mimami Bousou.

A Monday has started. "we" managed to do all things this weekend.
Last Saturday Yuki and I left home about 6:30 and took local trains (We changed  trains just twice on the way to Chiba) to Chiba.

Though I wrote " we changed trains twice", it means, on the day we took a special train from OOMIYA to BOUSOU
This is a special train, it runs just fore times during the spring. So many people who loves trains came to the platform to take photos.

We got to HAMAKANAYA at 11:20.

We came to see this art festival.

Because, yes, our elder daughter T participated in it.
Bousou is at the bottom of Chiba prefecture, so we saw the sea after a long interval, because we have no sea in Tochigi prefecture.

Of course we enjoy fish food.

And  after two hours later we bounded to Utsunomiya. On the way to home, we had to change trains 4 times. We got to home around 7, and had dinner at home ( We bought some cooked-dishes on the way home). As soon as I ate up, I went to bed.
Probably Yuki went to bed earlier than usual -- because the next day he went to play golf from early morning. I also had some things for the new school year at home.

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