Monday, March 27, 2017

high school students' opinions 0327

This school year, luckily I have still three high school students. discussing something with them and listening to them are very interesting.

We including me try to speak something in English ( or we have to, because they are taken my "English lesson"), it's sometimes difficult for all of them because  of not only our lack of English ability but also of difficulty in putting together our mind.

So first we try to put together what we want to talk in Japanese, and translate them in English. Translating English help us to get more clear what we want to talk through forcing subjects and verbs.

1,What do you think people commit crimes?
Not all people commit crimes, even though they might have experienced telling lies or cheating someone.
Some of the reasons are the following:
We might commit crimes when we lose control of ourselves because of poverty, too much stress or loneliness.
Stealing might be seen as an quick answer when we are too tired to struggle with poverty.
Being violent is an instant way to release too much stress, although it is only a momentary relief.
And killing or injuring someone often seems to be caused by a person who feels loneliness and considers himself to be forgotten from the world. It is an instant way for him to get attention from others.
However, it's a sad thing to commit crimes. So we have to constantly discipline ourselves and be aware of ourselves.
(Additionally education helps us to understand why many crimes are committed. So we should study hard, not only for exams.)

2 Do you think printed books will become obsolete with the popularity of e-books?
A boy 's opinion
Probably yes. Almost every body is unanimous in accepting the fact that internet is a part of our lives.
So in the future, almost everyone will use tablets, cell phones, or another devices, and they will know how it will be easy to read books on them.
So I'm afraid e-books may drive paper books into a corner.

A girl's opinion
Though printed books might be obsolete, I prefer reading printed books. And, probably not all senior people will catch up with the new technology.
To tell the truth, this is a period of CDs; however cassette tapes are still used by senior people.
And for me, though I use a tablet, it's sometimes difficult to look at a whole page at once compared to a printed book.
Scrolling the screen up and down often causes losing the place where we are reading.
So I believe paper books will exist side by side with e-books. Many readers like the feeling of holding a printed book more than a device.

What do you think of them?

PS thanks professor Jan.

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