Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How do you get the fuzz off your sweater?

My friend came to have lunch together at home. And she started remove the fuzz of my sweater with a razor in unexpected events.
She "cannot" eat meat. so I prepared fish.

Though I wrote "unexpected events", before she came I had changed winter clothes to spring clothes.
So while I was talking to her, I talked about my sweaters which I love but had lots of fuzz.

So she suddenly said "May I borrow a razor?", and started doing it.
Removing the fuzz seemed not to be so difficult, but rather to be easy. However it takes long time (for me) --- it means for me it looks like to be "troublesome".
She was laughing. And she said "thanks to this lunch, I'll take it to home and finish removing the fuzz off ".

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