Tuesday, March 07, 2017

last Sunday


I've already put away Hina dolls.
Last Sunday, I went out downtown. It is getting warm, so some events are started to be held downtown.
I met the couple of the used bookshop owners who deal with my English picture books.

Though it is getting warm, a cold wind still brew last Sunday.
I had hot sweet red-beans soup called OSHIRUKO.

On the same day, Yuki and I went out downtown at the evening.
In March, the shops downtown organize some workshops.
Here at a café the lady owner held a workshop how to enjoy coffee for adults.

After we learnt how tow brew tasty regular coffee, we also learnt how to make coffee cocktail based iced-coffee. 
To enjoy these cocktail we bothered to go there by bus. 

It was a wonderful weekend.----however for me it was still cold, so now I'm suffering runny nose (not because of pollen allergy). I seem to have a little cold.

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