Wednesday, March 01, 2017


These are books decorated on the shelf at KAZAHANANO BUNKO and café in March.
Yesterday's evening I went there to take some English books there.
Though people who borrow my books are not appeared, the shop owner and visitors seem to enjoy the collection corner.
When I went there, it was already at night (for me  -- it is past 6 o'clock) and I was so hungry.
So I had dinner there.

We call this style of spaghetti "Naporitan". Some people say it is SHOWA-style.
SHOWA means the period from 1926 to 1989. Except my younger daughter all members of my family were born in SHOWA period. Now it is in HEISEI. So SHOWA-style means "a little bit" ( I dare to add it) old-style.
Yuki loves Naporitan. When he was in university, he would always eat it at the school cafeteria.

Well, well, yesterday, in the morning one person came (I'm afraid that another person cancelled.)
And in the afternoon two people came  --- to do laughter YOGA.
I had a good start to do laughter YOGA.

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