Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday has started.

Though it's a holiday, for us it's a usual Monday.
On Sunday, it was the day for me to read English picture books at the library.

I prepared these things.
After introducing Easter, I let the kids to egg (or chick) hunting at the reading corner.
It was fun.
In the afternoon, we had our winter tiers changed into normal tires.
Well, well, the tires of Yuki's car seems to be old, it seems the time to "buy" new tires.
I wanted to buy ones immediately at the car shop then, he didn't do that.
I hope he will do that as soon as possible.
Then while I was cooking pre-pared dishes, I ds carded 15 little things.  

We did Sunday's job, so we have a usual Monday. Yuki works, and I will go to a beauty salon to get my hair cut.

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