Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Spring has come --- though with lots of pollen

Finally I've found that FUKUJYUSOU is blooming.
This FUKUJYUSOU came about 30 years ago, it means at that time my coworker gave it as a present of our new house. At that time it was very small, just like this. And ten years later it was so big. However since then, the root seems to get old, and--- this year anyway one FUKUJYUSOU managed to bloom.
Probably I need to dig the land up, and put some fertile and ---
Will I do that???
The other day a friend visited me after a long interval. She brought me FUKINOTOU and the last YUZU which was in her garden. Fresh FUKINOTOU is the best for TEMPURA, however it was too much for only me to have them.
So I boiled them and put some olive oil. I also sliced YUZU into "frozen" honey.

Spring has come, though we have lots pollen.
Yesterday I was going to hold a workshop here, two attendees were not in good shape, so I decided to postpone the workshop. To tell the truth, I also had a headache and a slight fever because of the pollen.

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