Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Take-out curry

I'm not a vegetarian. However if you want to have wonderful curry in Japan, it might be a good choice to go to a restaurant where they serve  some things for vegetarians.
To tell the truth, not so many vegetarian restaurants in Utsunomiya.
This "shop" is a shop, not a restaurant where they serve take-out foods (mainly lunch box which we call OBENTOU) for vegetarians.
Though the result comes first, they serve good curry for vegetarians.
I have wanted to have one, though it  is easly sold out quickly and it is sold only every Thursday.
On Thursdays one person from Sri Lankan cooks curry and serve it.

Of course it's beans curry.
It's spicy and hot, especially the orange flake was too hot for me to eat.
However I really enjoyed it. I thought I should have bought one more for Yuki, even though he would have to eat it for his breakfast next morning.

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