Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Weekend chore

As usual I cooked these pre-cooked dishes for this week. And constantly they have been going.
Additionally I baked sweets yesterday for this week, especially for today (because Laughter yoga meeting with my two neighbors was held just 20 minutes ago and I served it. 
Of course I served it for today's breakfast.

And I also did 15 discarding.
Well, well, these days I managed to do it. thankfully paying off  my efforts, my house seems to be organized better, however we need keep it. Anyway I will change from 15 discarding things to 10 discarding things.
This time I checked TENBUKRO means the top of closet which we seldom open. There is a stock of lace curtains. So  "finally changed the curtains in the sunroom into the curtains we had stored for a long time.
Of course I discarded the old 6 curtains.

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