Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A gardener came

This year "he" who is a gardener came and treated our garden. He came once a year.

Probably in this size of garden, not so many people have a trees in the garden trimmed nowadays.
When this house was built, it means about 30 years ago, many houses with any sizes used to use trees as their fence. At that time KAIZUKA-IBUKI was very popular, so without doubts we used the trees for our fence. It was necessary to trimmed by someone. Usually residents used to do it.  However we had no skill, knowledge and time. We let them grow as they want.
And --- most of KAIZUKA-IBUKI in other houses have gone. Some one says it was difficult to care by ourselves, so the fence was changed into block fence. Some one says it was difficult to care and they died naturally, so the fence was changed into low shrubs fence.
In our case, it was too tall for armature to trim them. But they got very superb as a fence tree.  We have to do something. And I meet the gardener.  It took 2 days to trim them. And the cost was not so cheap. So he asked us to change the trees to easy one.
So we changed the trees into AKAMANSAKU. It took 3 years, now it bloomed.
It is easy to trim. Probably "Yuki" can do it. However to keep with the gardener, I still ask him to trim  them once a year.
Probably ( I seem to like this word), not only in this size of garden, house  but also in this standard living, hiring a gardener is very luxury thing.
I know we spend money for unseeing places. (does it make sense?)

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