Friday, April 07, 2017

Another coupon

This is a kind of discount train ticket. It is a set of five train tickets.  It allows us unlimited travel on JR train  for a day.  We can use it from March 10 to April 10. Yuki and I went CHIBA using this ticket. And I went to TOKYO to visit my father's grave using it.
And there were two tickets left.
So Last Sunday I went to see an exhibition organized by my elder daughter and her friends in Tokyo with my neighbor.
(On the day Yuki was too busy in golfing to go there with me, instead of the day he goes to see it today while he goes to Tokyo on business.)
The exhibition was held at Jimbocho

There are some things which make the town keep the popularity.
The curry is one thing, so of course we had one at one of popular curry restruants.
Luckily, as soon as we arrived there, we entered into the restaurant. We were the last person to do that. After we entered into it, a long line was been making.

Stationery shop, and used book stores are also popular.
We dropped by at an old stationery shop.

Of course , I didn't forget my "favorite thing". --- had a great tea at a popular Jazz café.

Though it was very busy day, we had a good time.
This weekend, Ah-chan comes. It will make us busy and entertaining again.


Rosa said...

I think Jimbocho has a kind of old-fashioned taste with all the bookstores. I enjoyed visiting there when I lived in Tokyo. It's a fun place, isn't it?

You are so lucky to have such a talented artist for a daughter!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments Rosa.
I"m surprised to hear that you have been to this town.
When I was in college, I used to often to there, becausee there are big bookstore. ( not to went to used book stores). At that time I was a really dedicated student studying chemical, so I needed some special books. It was a really good place, and I was very glad that the town still keeps the atomasphere and also takes in recent culture.