Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Since I started to use aroma, probably one and a half year has passed
Though I used a little bit lots of money than I expected, anyway I still enjoyed aroma, and I and Yuki are accustomed to use aroma.
Additionally nowadays I know what is necessary, so I don't use too much money for aroma.
Mainly we use aroma in our usual life.
The photos are bottles of aroma I refilled.
Deodorants of shoes, toilets, and Yuki's room --- oh, sorry the last one is wrong.
Add aroma effect to Yuki's room to release his stress.
Bath aroma, and energy aroma instead of perfume (for Yuki).
Moreover I use one bottle of aroma against runny nose caused by pollen allergy.
Blending aroma  is a nice leisure,  isn't it?
And it sometimes become a small good present to my friends.
When I get something from my friends, I sometimes present a small bottle of aroma, which is against runny nose, and bugs outside.

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