Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Discarding and konmari-book

I continue discarding 10 things once a week.
This week, I discarded one ( a little bit vintage) mug cup, --- was not discarded, was gone to the garden as one of decoration.
I discarded 9 books,---- were not discarded, were going to be brought to a used book shop next week.
I discarded 1 connector???? without asking Yuki, because it was not in Yuki's drawer.

After just one mug cup discarding, the cupboard in the living room finally ended up being in a tidy state and being able for anyone to help himself to use them.

Yesterday two ladies came and read this book together.
It was the second book club meeting. We read the chapter two of this book.
I've already read through it in Japanese and in English, however it never fails to interest me.

It made me rethink again.
" As you continue to explore the reason behind your ideal lifestyle, you will come to a simple realization. -- Before you start tidying, look at the lifestyle you aspire to and ask yourself; "why do I want to tidy?"
Well, I haven't found the answer. Anyway while I'm asking to my self why I want to tidy, I continue to discard 10 things.
For the meeting I baked this biscotti.

Of course I served Yuki for our breakfast.


Marta said...

Your biscotti looks delicious! Would you share a recipe?

Mieko said...

Pancake mix ( we call hotcake mix) 150g
sugar 30 g
1 egg
1 table spoon of mill (the size of table spoons are different in America and Japan, however I think it doesn't matter either way)
chocolate 100g (I mixed milk chocolate and bitter chocolate)

0. preheat oven at 170 degree C
1. if you use tablet or bar of chocolate, crush it into small pieces.
2. prepare a middle sized bowl, and egg, sugar and mile into it. And mix them well.
3. add pancake mix little by little, and at finish, put clattered chocolate.
4. put cooking sheet on the oven plate, and spread the dough into rectangle which is about 1.5cm thick.
5. bake it about 20 minutes at 170 degree C
6. take it from the oven and cut them of which is around 1cm wide
7. bake them again for 10 minutes at 170 degree C