Thursday, April 13, 2017

First paycheck

First paycheck, all has gone to "her" saving account, a person of firm character
First paycheck, treat "lunch" , as a sum ok of "her" appreciation

We didn't get a present from The first salary of our elder daughter, we except when some of her works  are sold hi high price, we will get something from her.

Our younger fdaughter treated us with reasonable lunch when she got her fist paycheck, we were glad at that time. However she has been telling us about it still now. I regret why I wasn.t treated with special dinner.

Additionally I didn't do that to my parents. When I got 50, finally I could afford to gray her with special lunch or dinner. However I wonder if I will continue doing it when our retirement live starts. Her pension is higher than mine, so, probably I will be treated by her again.( or we split the bill equally)

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