Friday, April 21, 2017

Hot yoga and rental video

It is the last weekday of this week. Do you have a plan o this weekend?
We are going to go somewhere.

Last weekend-- it was a lazy weekend.
last Sunday, after doing house chores (discarding 10 things) , I went to a sturdily to do hot yoga.
Have you done hot Yoga?

The studio I sometimes go serves three level course, active course, usual course, and relaxing course. Of course I always choose relaxing course in which "all exercises " are done in a sitting posture or a lying one.

Compared to usual yoga, probably it costs higher. One course costs 3200 yen.
However if it is a kind of massage, it costs reasonable.  I heard not one person but also some people cured their frozen shoulders or curbed backs due to age by the means of hot yoga.

Sometimes my neck or back hurt. And these days it seems to be a little difficult to raise my left hand straight up, though it doesn't matter to do usual life.

We can enter the room before 30 minutes before a course starts. After finishing it, we can take shower.
So compared go getting massage, it is very reasonable. Usually each yoga-course is one-hour course.

However there is one good or bad point for me.
Usually people who take yoga-lesson, feel refresh and move to the next activity.
However, for me, I can't do anything.
Because my body becomes too hot to do thing. Once I went out after hot yoga, and in 2 hours I suddenly felt chilly and --- was caught a cold.
I need to long time to cool myself down.
So, though it is a good point, I spent the lest of the day in the bed reading books.

And at night I rent a video from the internet (it means without going) watch it.
It was lazy day last weekend.


AikenJan said...

Hot yoga here means doing yoga moves, holding them for a couple of minutes and then immediately going into another series of yoga moves/poses...all done in a very hot room. Participants wear minimum clothing...such as a bathing suit because you sweat profusely. I attempted it ONCE! It's like exercising in a sauna. I am very sensitive to over-heating and I literally almost passed out...had to leave the room and lay on the floor until my body cooled down. I know people, men especially, that seem to love this method and feel it detoxes their bodies, but it isn't good for my body. How did you like it? Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments Jan. Depends on the studio the temperature seems to be different. The studios where I go is not so hot. For me it is comfortable. When I went to Korea, I took a sauna. At that time it was too hot to stay for more than five minutes. When I go to hotspring , I seldom take a sauna. Compared to them , doing hoygoga at the studio seems to fit to me. However , as you know, I am not good at adjusting to temperature difference. So I need to stay home after that to cool my body gradually. Additionally, the corse I take is relaxing corse,not active corse.