Friday, April 14, 2017

Last weekend

before this weekend comes,let me tell you about last weekend.
Last Friday night, A-chan was with me. 
There is such a saying, it is so sweet to welcome grandchildren, and also relieving to see them off.

Unfortunately, last weekend they were not a nice day, cold and almost raining. Though we were going to enjoy cheery blossoms, we couldn't. However "of course", we went shopping. There is a big mall in Utsunomiya, and there (I don't know why) anyway in the garden, they have three alpacas, they are really trained and friendly with people. Ah-chan enjoyed talking? with them.

It was held a big hand-made craft workshop in a golf course which is not used at present ( it is being constructed to change into a  sola system plant.) Though it was rainy, Yuki, Ah-chan and I enjoyed listening to music ( can you see the bagpipe? For me it was the first time to listen to the live sound)) , eating something -- while M was doing shopping outside with her umbrella.)

And Ah-chan had her hair cut at my friend's beauty salon. It was the first time  for herto go to beauty salon.

Though it was rainy, we had lots of places to go out!!!!
Well, contrarily to last weekend, this weekend I'm completely alone. --- I'm thinking about what to do. 

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