Friday, April 28, 2017

Lunch outside in April

How many times do you usually go out for lunch alone?
In a few years, the number deceased because I have no work in the morning.

However, as a custom, I sometimes have lunch outside. I need to tight my budget, so to have lunch outside, some excuse are necessary.

This month (in April) I have some errands to do at city hall or another place. So it was a good excuse.

The first week in April, I got curry. To my surprise they serve this lich at 650 yen with coffee.
The second week, I dropped at a café. The café opened one year ago, at that time Yuki and I visited there. They are still open.
I had lunch there --- at 650 yen. It is a café, so after having lunch I read through a book.
--- it means, though it is lunch time it is not crowded. I hope this shop survives.

And the third week, I dropped by at this café. It is one of my favorite café. Since I knew this café 15 years passed. It is also my mother's favorite.
It costs 1080 yen with coffee.

And last week I dropped at this "music" café. I need to talk to the master of this café.
It costs 850 yen with coffee.

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