Thursday, April 27, 2017

White clover

White clovers "were" very popular in the field in this season. However we have little field around here now.

Naturally , start weaving a garland, of white clovers

Seeing white clovers, purify our sprits, with its fresh and tidy feeling 


AikenJan said...

If it is the same white clover as found out in the countryside of my childhood, we pulled all the "flower" off and tasted (sucked) the ends for a very sweet taste. It is considered a weed but I believe the cattle liked eating it in the pastures. And, of course, the bees loved it to make honey. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your visiting here,even thoug you are very busy.
That reminds me, I used to "suck" the stalks of a certain flower. However it was not clover, and I can't remember what it was. We had another flower of this type in the field here and there. it is called "rengesou", the flower is purple pink. Most honey i Japan is made this flower. So, nowadays beekeeper maintain the field of rengesou.