Thursday, May 11, 2017

10-day gilding -3-

Last Saturday ( I'm surprised to notice that though it is Thursday today, I feel that last Saturday was long long ago)  it was the final day with Ah-chan.

In the morning, Yuki did usual things -- playing tennis. While he was out, we organized our rooms.
And after Yuki came home, we did the last BBQ -- fried noodle.

Before taking them to the station, we went to see SHIBA-ZAKURA .
We were going to play catch but, it was a sightseeing park. There was a small hill, so Ah-chan enjoyed climbing. (Or you can say that we made her climb the hill)

On Sunday, Yuki went to play golf, and I anyway kept quiet at home to let me cool down.
I organized rooms , did the laundry, and cooked pre-cooked dishes as usual, I read books on the bed.
And our final holiday was Monday. On Japanese calendar,  it was a usual day. However Yuki took a day off.
We could easily get up at 5 -- because we got used to get up early with Ah-chan.
So we went to see wisteria. It is ASHIKAGA flower park.
You might know about the name.
It was introduced on CNN news "dream destination in 2014".

More than 25 years passed since we visited there for the first time with Yuki's mother and father.
At that time, even though there were beautiful wisterias,  there were not so many big wisterias.
Though it was a weekday, at 8;30 in the morning there was a line to enter the parking lot.

And we drooped by a café which is recommended by the master of KARAKU.

We came home by noon.
And both of us cooled down ourselves at home.
The end.

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