Friday, May 19, 2017

coffee at cofee shops which use home-roasted coffee beans

Probably you guess I (and Yuki) love coffee
Actually we have coffee more than green tea.
However I don't like espresso coffee very much. So I seldom go to Starbucks.
We sometimes go to coffee shops, and we prefer to go to ones which use home-roasted coffee beans over usual ones.
Additionally, Karaku where I play the piano is the second oldest coffee shop which use home-roasted coffee beans in Utsunomiya.

The end of our big holiday, we "managed" to go to a coffee shop in Ashikaga. The shop started about 50 years ago, and it was thought to close because the owner got too old to run it, but his sone took over and still now the taste has been kept.

This photo is at Karaku.

And last weekend we went to a concert and "managed" to drop by at another coffee shop.

We had enough time to have it there, so I asked them to give us takeout styled coffee.

And yesterday, I also dropped by at a new coffee shop where it takes 5 minute drive.
The owner is a lady.

These days home-roasted coffee beans seem to be popular, one of the reason  machines to roast beans
are get by reasonable price (for shop owner)

Do you focus on home-roasted coffee beans?


Rosa said...

I only drink instant coffee, but I love coffee shop culture!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, Rosa. I used to drink instant coffee at home, nowadays I use a bag of ground coffee (kind of tea bag) for a cup. It's inexpensive, and not so troublesome.