Wednesday, May 17, 2017

English activity

Yesterday I did an English activity at the East library.
I got there about 10:40, and waited for  so\me participants after announcing my activity in the library.
No one came, but some mothers and their kids were looking at me without too getting closer.
--- finally a couple of mother and kid came in --- and to make me happy the room was full of people.
Can you guess what I read to them.

Of course the very hungry caterpillar.  The works by Eric Carle are very popular in Japan.
I also read some other books.
To make me surprised, one elder man came in, though he didn't get  closer. Though it might be difficult for you to imagine the situation of the weekday library. There are not so many people, but anyway some people are there, and most of chairs are occupied  --- by -- elder men.
I've always thought how I make such elder men attract to my activities.
This time, I introduced san article on English-language news paper.  I know some men in the library are interested in English, understand English, just not to good at speaking.
Anyway, one man joined in it.
In the afternoon. Two ladies came and we read KONMARI-books in Japanese and English.
It's fun to read books and -- of course to chat together.
I served almond jelly with jasmine syrup (I made). 

Of course I served some to Yuki for our breakfast without fruits.


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