Monday, May 22, 2017

high school students' opinions 0519

There were two topics last week at high school students class.
Which would you like to have, lots of friends you can casually hand out with or one best friend you can talk about anything to?

high school student 1

I prefer to have lots of friends, because I can get more information and more knowledge from lots of friends. Getting along with only one or a few friends seems to make my world narrow.
However, I don't need a lot of fair-weather friends. I learned the word" fair-weather friend", who is someone that is your friend when everything is fun and easy, like warm sunny days. However they will disappear if you get into trouble or if you need help. I want to have a lots of friends and of course I know I only need a handful of true friends.

Which form of media (newspaper, TV, the Internet, word of mouth, etc.) do you usually rely on most for informational news ?
high school student 2

I rely on newspaper. I sometimes watch news programs on TV but I don't like to listen to MCs or commentators, especially ones on political affairs. I don't mind listen to gossip rumors. However when I listen to specific commentators of political affairs sometimes, it is difficult for me to judge whether they say right things or suitable things, and I tend to accept their opinions as right unthoughtfully.  Because they seem to be authority figures and knowledgeable experts. And I perpetrate a stereotype.
 Though it is the quickest way to get information from the Internet, sometimes it is difficult to judge whether it is right or wrong.
And of course nothing is more unreliable than word of mouth.
So I believe the information on traditional newspaper, it means not a sport newspaper or a gossip newspaper.
Of course it is not good to believe in believe newspaper blindly. I need to judge whether the writer's opinion is correct or not. To do that, fortunately we have lots of way to get information through not only newspapers, TV, internet, of course and spoken words.
 I really appreciate Jan helping us out this way.


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