Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

This Sunday, it was Mother's Day. Though I didn't expect anything , my daughters called me. And M sent a box of sweet. (The expiration day is the end of June, so it is waiting for their coming)
After spending lazy morning, we went to a concert. It was held by our local residents  Utsunomiya symphony.
This concert was supported by Utsunomiya city, so children under 15 years old can listen to it for free. However the number of kids was not so large. On the other hand I noticed some kids came there with their father (it means without mother). For busy mothers, if they had free time by themselves on Mother's Day, it must have been wonderful.

Before going to a concert, we dropped by a café. We had to go out there soon, so we asked them to serve it with take-out style, though we drank most of them at the café.
Well, it was Mother's Day. I didn't cook much, but I wanted to eat something good at home.
So we dropped by a butcher,  and bought sparerib. Jut I put them into the oven. And we opened a little bit good wine.

We had a good Sunday.
Now this week has started.


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