Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pre-cooked dishes for this week

These Re pre-cooked dishes.
I baked Toufu &a chocolate biscuit. 


This is today's breakfast.

Though it is Japanese, these days I like to visit this site.

Unfortunally, Toufu-biscuit recip is not open on YouTube site. if you are interested in it, please drop by at this site.

Today, I will go to the library to do  a voluntary activity. Unfortunally my friend who was going to help me this year, seem not to come for a while. So I will do it alone. I started this activity because I wanted to do it. First  I was doing it alone, but I felt a little bit lonely and thankfully many audience came and it got difficult to organize it by myself. So I collected some members. However some were moved, some got full time daytime job, and-- I returned to the first step.

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