Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Last Friday I was wearing sweater because it was vary cold despite of  late May.
And since this weekend very hot day has been continued despite of late May.
So it is difficult for homemade pre-cooked dishes to keep more than three days.
I cooked fewer than last month.

And the expire date of fresh cream was just soon. So I baked biscuits with fresh cream instead of eggs. This type of biscuits is one of my favorites. Though I am not a vegan, I love it.

Well, today, it seems to become an interesting day.
In the morning, I hold laughter yoga club.
Probably three neighbors come, we don't exchange e-mail address, and I don!t make sure whether each one comes or not. Just at the last club we made a verbal promise.

In the afternoon, I will visit a garden of one of my friend, who opens her garden to public in this season.

And, the center staff will visit my classroom to have a dialogue about the future of my branch school.
Though I did do my best to advertise my s school with in a limited  my budget, I didn't get new studendents. 

Anyway, cleaning and irganising rooms are the first thing I have to do.

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