Saturday, June 30, 2007

What are the three most important qualities in a teacher?

There are many opinions in different situations. At first I’m thinking as one of parents.
I suppose the things what parents seek are different according to where teachers work. Especially cram school teachers and public school teachers are quite different. I want elementary and junior high school teachers. Students can’t choose school teachers, but can choose cram school teachers. So I want public school teachers to be fair, understanding (empathetic) and have eagerness to communicate with students. On the other hand I want cram school teachers and high school teachers to be skilful, to have own policy about their lesson, and encouraging.
I’m thinking about myself. I have some students. It means I’m a kind of teacher, but not a public school teacher, not a cram school teacher. I’m not sure what parents expect me. And I know, If I reached exactly what current parents except and if I had those things, my school would be bigger. In this point I’m not good at business.
What I think is that I want to be encouraging, advanced and ( a little bit) skilful.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dokudami lotion

Dokudami is kind of Japanese herb. But they are usually used as medicine. Dokudami seems to be found in Japan, so the name in English is also Dokudami. Some Dokudami is growing in the back yard. When my daughters were worried about atopic dermatitis, my mother-in-law used to make this lotion. It really worked well. Though there seems to be several ways to make it. the way I know is really easy.

You fill up a jar with raw Dokueami leaves and pour SYOUCYU.ōchÅ« Keep it in the dark and cool place for a month. It will get clear brown liquid. And add some drops of grycerin. That’s all. It is said to work well to decrease our stains.

I hope the liquid in the jar will get good clear brown liquid.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flowers for the day of each birthday -2-

At the meeting,I made an instant speech about my birthday flower of “YUZURIHA”.
Now I’m getting older, but I want to stop aging, and I want to rejuvenate myself like to lose or decrease winkles spots, weight, and recover my strengths. I know it’s really hard, though these days anti-aging seems to be talk about elder people.
Apart from appearance, I’m thinking about my life from next year. Now my younger daughter wants to go to college in TOKYO. So if she succeeds in it, there will be only two members in this house in Tochigi, my husband and me. I want consider the new situation as start of newborn life, not start of old life. We met at college, and until my daughters were born, we had spent together. At that time we were young, so we couldn’t do the same life, I’m afraid that we might be caught by empty syndrome. I want to spend cheerful, bright and positive life with my husband.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Flowers for the day of each birthday -1-

The other day I attended a Toast Master meeting. There an interesting topic was introduced. It was flowers for the day of each birthday. Though I knew each month has a flower; for example January flower is carnations. Its meaning seems to be “fascination”, and “devoted Love”.
According to the 365 day flower table, my birthday flower was “YUZURIHA”. I didn’t know the flower. I looked into it. It is a kind of tree and it’s the native flower of our country Japan. Its meaning is “new born” and “rejuvenation”. I’ll show the table with photos, though it is a Japanese site. Do you know any English site about this? If you know some, please tell me.

This photo comes from the 365 flwoers site.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I have questions.

These days I’ve learned some adjectives to describe someone’s character. Now I’m wonder what image do you have about the word of “wild”.
A: Who was your best friend in high school?
B: My best friend was Mieko.
A: What was she like?
B: She was funny and kind of wild.
Q1.In this conversation, did B want to say “she was a little bit violent”? or “rude” or “selfish?”.
Please tell me.

And I’ll tell other words I learned.
Positive adjectives; demanding (strict), down-to-earth (practical), encouraging, understanding (generous),
Easy-to-talk to (friendly), easy-going (optimistic), dependable, grown-up (precocious)
Negative adjectives: cranky (sour), unfair, rude, condescending (arrogant) competitive, nerdy (not fashionable)
Q2.Is there anything to be careful when I use these words?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My current garden

Not so bad. Because of little rain, we don't have much weed. Tomatoes are growing smoothly. We can see some green totmatoes. Greepappers have some flowers. I heard we should pick the first flower to get many gree papeers in summer. Is it right? And anyway SHISO leaves (kind of herb) grow thick. We eat most every night. At first my daughter didn't like them, but as I served them insistently she said "I got used to SHISO", and now she said "I'm tired of SHISO".

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When I say the word "whimsical" what do you think of?

I like reading Desire's diary. She interviews to herself. Today's title is one of her interview question.
I didn't know the word of "whimsical", until I read her diary. According to my English-English dictionary, it means "unusual or strange and often amusing". So I suppose this word is suitable to my younger daughter, or sometimes I can say she is odd, or sometimes I can say she is easygoing.
When I woke her up this morning, she was sleeping in her school uniform. According to her she woke up really early, and studied a little (according to her), and felt sleepy again. She thought if she wore the school uniform, she could sleep a little bit late. So she changed into her school uniform. I thought wearing it earlier or later takes a same time. Her behavior only gets her school uniform wrinkled and dirty

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's too hot

Though rainy season has started, it has been sunny and hot. This morning I pranted pot flowers , which are in the sun room, in the garden. Instead of them I put them. Do they seem cool? This stone of the frog is called "OOYA" stone. This stone is really famous in this area. Many people put the stone flog at the gate or in the entrance hall. They are said to bring a good luck.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rainy season starts

According to the weather report we are into rainy season. BUT it is a really fine day, I "have to" water the garden. As you know in Japan it is really humid, and my house is old, so this season sometimes slugs come out in the bath room. If you stayed with us and found a slug, please not be surprised at it. Of course I hate them. When I find them, I pick them up with wood chop sticks and put them away outside. They are too slimy for me to kill(crsuh?) them.
On the other hand when I found cockroaches I squash them with slipper in one.
I can imagine that you are reading this diary with a frown.
I clean my house alomst evey day, so it is not so dirty, probably just it is old.

This season sometimes I found snails in my garden. They are not so bad.
When I was a little, I had thought slugs were homeless snails.
Anyway I put these snails on the shelf in the entrance hall.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

What kind of ethnic food do you know and do you like?

The other day in our English learning group we talked about some ethnic foods; tacos calzones, eggrolls moussaka, quiche, shishkebab, nan,macaroni and cheese, croquettes, shepherd's pie, lasagna, swedish meatballs. Do you know of them? I didn't know some of them. And I've eaten some of them.
My husband like tacos and I like soft thin bread tacos.
My family loves curry and rice. We sometimes go out to an Indian restaurant. I usually order some nan. But my husband and my daughter prefer rice.
I have one memory about lasagna. I used to think badly of lasagna beause of being too oily. But an American friend, who was living in Japan for two years, told me an intereseting recipe. She recomended to use natrual cheese, cottage cheese and "TOFU". It is tasty. If you are interesed in it, please try it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

fresh leeks

I got lots of leeks from my garden. These leeks are so thin, but they are such kind of leeks. (What do I say? It's mean they are not malnutrition, they are good thin leeks)
I minced some of them and freezed.
I grilled chicen and these leeks with Miso paste and put into today's OBENTOU.
I also made salad with potatoes, white asparagus and fresh leeks instead of parsley.
Looks good and tastes good.
It tastes bitter than using parsley.
I enjoyged leeks, thanks for my garden.
Well, I wonder if the leek in the garden will recover. Because just I only cut , and leeks come from bubls. What do you think of it?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Father's Day

Father's day is just around the corner. Today I went shopping with my husband after two week interval. The migraine stole my strength, I'm easy to be tired. Now I'm getting back my strength. And Shopping is the best way of it, isn't it?

We went to "GAP". And I bought him a casual black jacket. He already went out to play the bass wearing the new jacket.

Next week I'm going to make this card and coaster with my students for their dads in my lesson.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

herb tea

The other day I told you I bought "rose hip tea". Since then I began to be intereseted in herb tea. I used to be coffer-addict. But since I had a week stomach, I try to prefer green tea or tea.
I was not so intreseted in herb tea, because for me it felt grasshy.

Anyway I bount some kinds of blended herb tea. So I don't know clear what kinds of herb are included. Just I chose these from the lavel.

These naming is really fun. I introduce in my poor English.
To be more well-balnaced of your mind
For people who are worried about cold
On the day when you feel depressed

And I also bought "Echinacea spp". It seems to work well for caughing and weak throat.

I hope my translation makes sense.

Monday, June 04, 2007

bad migraine

Now I'm suffering migraine. Last week it was too bad. One morning I couldn't stand up when I wake up. so my husband took me to see a doctor, and I got two shoots. One is IV shoot, so it was really painful. Now I've taken dizziness medicine and headache medicine, but not so good.
Of course these medicines work well so I've worked as usual.
BUT this symptom makes me feel down.

Yesterday there was a big event, I was looking forward to attend it, but I wasn't able to do it. I stopped long (it meanes more than 30 minites) drive. In this area without driving it is limitted to go out.

It can't be helped. New week has started. I hope I'll feel better.
This weekend I have to go out to attend another meeting.