Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The season of YUZU (kind of citrus) has come. At first I got lots of YUZU.(Probably a few weeks later I'll get YUZU-KOSYOU). How do I use them? I made picjked them into MISO paste. We put them in the bath tab when we take a bath. --- and --- of course I use then when I cook.

Today for my daughter's lunch, I sauted pork and MITSUBA(kind of spinich) with sesami and sliced YUZU and tasted them oyster sauce. Not so bad.

The other things are sauted beanspruts and carrots with sesami oil, and grilled sweet potates with sweet sauce.

I've been making OBENTOU for more than 8 years every morning.

BUT a few monts later I will be free from this chore.

I'm happpy and sad.

Now for my lunch I eat the left over at home.

What shall I do for my lunch??

It's too early to think about it.

For a few months I'll enjoy making Obentou, but it's troublesome.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strange or usual?

If you are foreigners, you may think "it's strange", and if you are usual Japanese middle aged women, you must think "it's usual".

A few days ago, my daughter got her hair cut.
But I said "did you really get your hair cut? where does it change?"
She got angry a little, and said "Though you don't notice its change, but all my (young) friends must notice it". Actually when she went to school next day, all classmates according to her) said "You had hair cut, cute".

Yesterday , my husband said to me "Today I'll get hair cut." (So, our daughter didn't know that.)
Yesterday we(my husband , our daugter, and me) had dinner together. And my husband said "How about?"
My daughter said "what?"
My husband said " I got hair cut, didn't you notice its change?"
My dauhgter said "Really ? I'm sorry I didn't notice it, but not so bad, on the other hand did you notice that I got hair cut a few days ago?"
My husband said "Really ? I didn't notice it either. I think the length seems to be the same".

And I add to their convesation.
"everyboday notices own change among family. Actually today I also got hair cut"

Both of them looked at me instantly and said nothing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to the world of wearing presbyopia glasses

I went to a gasses shop and bought two new pairs of glasses. The top one and the bottom one.

This time I learnd about lenses.

There are five kinds of lenses, the first one is for looking at far places and driving, the second one is for looking at far, a little bit far and near places. You can drive wearing the first one or the second one.

The third one is for looking at a little bit far places and near places. It is useful to watch TV, to read books or to use desktop PC.

The fourth one is for looking at near places as far as your hand. It is useful to read books or to use raptop PC.

And the last one is only for looking at things very close. It is useful for sawing.

I bought the third one. They are big glasses on the bottom of the picture.

And I am nearsighted and the symptome became worse. So I bought new glasses for driving. They are smallest blasses on the top of the picture. And the glasses in the middle are my usual glasses.

Now I use the big one inside, and the middle one outside.

Monday, November 19, 2007

British Hills

In FUKUSHIMA, there is an interesting place called British Hills.
It is a small village having some houses.
And it is reproduced an old British village.
When we go, we can experiance "english day" there.
Most of stuff are foreigners, mainly British, Australia, and NewZealander.
Every room is elaborated. Every funiture is imported from England directely.
I realy knew England is the culture of chairs.
I saw lots of intereseting chars. Each legs of chars is expressed an animal.
Main dining room is re produced the Harry Potter 's dormitory's dining room.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Red, yellow, orange leaves

On these weekends lots of people including lots of foreiners come to Utsunomiya station to go to NIKKOU. IROHAZAKA is really famous place to see coloful leafes in fall.Yes Fall turnes the leaves. NIKKOU is really crowded, so I went to NASU, and my friend took me Mt. NASU, of course by car.
Many people enjoyed hiking. The friend likes out door sports, so she also loves hiking. As you know I hate being in outside. BUT she recomended or ordered to me to walk for a little, so we walked and crossed a suspenesion bridge, and enjoyed the view. Wonderful!
(But it was cold, so I was putting on hot compresses on the back all day.)

Monday, November 05, 2007

How many times have I said to my daughter "study more"?

Now my younger daughter has lots of free time, though she goes to cram school once a week, takes art lessons once a week, and takes calligraphy lessons once a week. most of her friends are studying hard to takethe entrance exam for universities in winter.
So she decided to work part time job. It' OK. But I say to her as usual "study English".

In her case, she passed the college without taking exam of English.
But at college, English is really important.
So I say to her "study English".

She said "Even I passed the college , you order me to study more?"
So I said "not more , to study constantly".
And I add, "I have been saying to you "study, study" since you were little, but now there are only 4 months you can hear such a phrase from me"

She said nothing. And she seems to study English as usual when she were a canditate for a college.

I thought actually "how many times did I say to her "study more"! ?"
I can't count it.


A friend of mine sent rhubarb stalks and roots. (the leaves with rhubarb stalks are called KUSHINSAI). The friend enjoys growing unfamiliar vegetables at her big garden. Her homemade rhubarb jam is really wonderful, so I've wanted to try to make it by myself.

I'm satisfied with my homemade jam, but my daughter said "it is grassy".

Anyway on the day she sent them , I planted the roots, and one week later-- yes some fresh leaves came out. I'm really surprised. How fast!

The leaves look like sunny lettuce. Can we eat it???

Anyway I got another enjoyment of new spring after hard winter.