Monday, August 25, 2008

30 years passed, and 20 years passed

Yesterday we(my husband and I) weto to an concert, Yamashita Yousuke piano concert? Have you heard of him? He is a famous Jazz pianist. He came to a small pribate concert hall. The hall was built last April, after the owner retired. It mease he used his retirement allowamace to built this hall and to buy a piano of steinway. He is a big fan of Yamashita Yousuke.

And my husband was used to be a big fan of him, he often went to a live house.

30 years passed since he went to listen to his live piano.

Well, do you know? We (my husband and I) were members in the Jazz club in the unviersity, at that time, we often went to Jazz concerts together.

And yesterday 20 years passed since we went to a music consert together, without daughters, or our mothers.

This winter we are going to held a concert in this hall.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

usual days have started

My mother-in-law, my mother, and my daughters & their friends all left. Now there are two (old) people in this house. And usual days have started again.
My husband and I can have breakfast together, but I have lunch and dinner alone. It's troublesome to cook everytim, so I make my lunch& supper box early morning. I have 40 minutes between an evening class and a night class, so I don't have enough time to prepare my supper.)
This week end we are going to go to a concert of YAMASHITA YOUSUKE who is a famous Jazz pianist in Japan.
It is an unbelievable thing. Because he comes to a private studio, the owner asked him to hold his concert there. And he accepted the offer.
(Well, thanks of the owner, we can listen to the concert at keen prices.)
Why such a famous pianist comes? Is he a friend of the owner?
No, but the owner is a big fan of the pianist, and he always chased the pianist, so he went to his concert from north to south in Japan.
Now the owner is retired, and he built his own studion. And he bouhgt a steinway piano. His dream is to hold a concert of the pianist.
And the dream is coming true.
Additionaly, thanks of his favor ? or his wife might have intereset to us, in December we ( my friend , my husband and I) are going to hold a concert in December.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

everybody came back

Now only two days-off are left, though my daughters' summer vacaion goes on untill September.

Everybody came back with their friends (not boy friends). Today a big firework display is going to be held in this city. I'll let them take a watermellon, so now I put the watermellon in the bathtub to cool it.

The watermellon is called "YOICHI SUIKA", yes, it has a bland name. They are grown in the next city? villege?. Yesterday my friend brought it to see our daugthers.

They are fine.

And I forgot to say an important thing.

Now my gumes completly got well.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Anyway it is too hot, too humid and we have much thunder and ligntuning every evening or night. We are actaully in the summer.
This week my husband has one-week-off.
So the first half my mother-in-law, and my mother came to stay with us.
My mother-in-law is over 80. And one her hobby (she has lots of hobbies) is playing golf, on the other hand for this vacaiton my husbaand goes to play golf early morning. (because sunrise golf is really cheap). She also went to paly early morning golf. They got up "3", and left home "3;30", and came home "9;30". Of course when she came back to our house, she took a long nap.
My mother's hobby is "eating". So my mother and my family (eating is common hobby in our family) went to (took the trouble to go) KAWAGOE to eat eels.
We love eels, not dragon rolls. UNAHYU--eels &rice.
My husband ate 2 layers eels.
My daughter ate eel and soup rice.
Other members ate normal UNAJYU.
Well, his days-off are only three days including this weekend.
From this evening our daughters are coming back with her friends.
It means he turns into a chauffeur, and I turn into housemaid.
The busiest summer vacation is starting.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

pumpkin noodles

I got intereseting pumpkins(squashes?). They are called "SOUMEN KABOCHA". I heard it for the first time. "Soumen" means Japanese thin noodles usually we eat in summer, Kabocha means pumpkins or squashes.
I tryed to cook according the owner's instructions.
At first I peeled thickly and cut them into about 4 pieces.
Take the seeds out.
I boiled the water, and boil the pumpikins for about 3 minutes until the colors turned thick yellow.
I put them into cold water, suddenly they parted naturaly.
I drained the water,
Are you surprised? I'm really rusrpised. Yellow noodles came out.
The taste is--- plain, tasteless, but looks coolish , beautiful and "fun".

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

hot, humid, hot, humid

HOT! HOT! HOT! HUMID! HUMID! HUMID! Actaully it is summer, so it can't be helped. BUT --- Too hot, too humid.

Well, how are you doing?

I'm still in trouble with my gums. The only way to solve this problem is --- days. (Can you hear my big sigh?)

Some troubles happend.

My bike ( Until 4 montts ago it was my younger dauthrer's) was stolen, not just stolen, an old bike was left instead of mine. we called in a report of the stolen bike.

We have a fault, because I didn't lock the bike. I thought it was too old to be stolen, but contrary to our expectations, much older bike came.

One of my friend and I have a falling out due to ----. I'm not sure the cause. But she doesn't want to do new events with us. (Or I can say I left a circle to start a new thing.)

And -- my daughter came back and stayed for a few days with us, she caused some small troubles "as usual".

On the other hand new things starts.

The end of month we are going to held a small concert. Fortunately the tickes are sold out. And we are offered another concert in December.

Last month the first English reading book meeting was held at a public libraly, and I'm offered to read Englihs books at a fall event in this city.

And I might start to teacn English at publish elementary school.

My daughters have gone, but fortunately new things run after me.

Life is intereseting.

This is a suvenior from KAWAGOE.

They are kind of rice crackers, but they are swollen, like balls. They are funny, aren't they?

The taste is ---- "so-so".