Saturday, February 21, 2009

Souvenirs from Asai

I'm not a gourmet, I'm not good at cooking, but I'm interested in foods, dishes, and containers. Last year I found an interesting book, the title is "lunch in the world". The title is including "lunch", but the book also mentions about " lunch box".
Especially lunch boxes in Asia are interesting.
And now one lunch box is in front of me. My husband went to Asia countries on his business, and he bought me this one.

On the other hand, he bought some spices ,probably, for him. Because I'm not good at something hot. On the hand he loves something hot.

Friday, February 20, 2009

spring? winter? back and forth

This Monday it was warm. I found some buds of tulips in the garden.
And this early morning I woke up because of chilliness.
It was snowing. Now it's not snowing, but --it's really cold.
My nose is congested because of cold and "pollen".
Outside the season goes back and forth between winter and spring while inside my nose symptom also goes back and forth between winter's case and sprig's case.

Valentine's week has gone. Now the next event is "Easter". Oops. Don't forget Hina festival. It is March 3rd. It is a festival for girls. I put small Hina dolls on the shelf of the entrance hall. I (or We including my daughters) have big Hina dolls set, but now there are two people in the house, my husband and I. It's troublesome to decorate them. Sometimes it is enough to do in the easy way. Most of kindergarten' children enjoy doing craft of Hina dolls. Can you see the small one on the wall? I was given it from a student's mother.

And of course "Easter" is one of big events in my class. I put some Easter eggs made last year.

Easter's symbols are lots, I know. Eggs are one of them. And from eggs, we can make mayonnaise. So I always put the Kewpie (mayonnaise) Doll on the shelf with eggs. It is always gaining popularity among people (including adults) coming to my house

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sports -3- Sports croarch

Have you been coached by a friend or acquaintance in a sport? Was it positive experience?

The answer is "yes". And I still have been coached in a sport.
Well, usually the coach is my husband, he used to be in the same college.

He coached me tennis, skating, and skiing. Were they positive experiences? Probably yes. After his coaching, I joined a tennis club with him, and went skating, and went skiing with friends. I did it thanks of him. And I wanted to do better. So I started to take lessons of tennis, skiing. I was able to start in the middle level class. BUT that was the end. To improve to the upper class was really difficult on the point of skill and my power. And I don't like sports very much.

Now I was coached by him in golf. I manage to hit a ball with club. How difficult it is! It seems to be hard for me to play golf with my friends in America.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sports -2- equipmets

What sorts equipment do you have? What sports equipment would you like to have?
I often tell you, I don't like doing sports very much, but I often try to do it. To try to a sport, first I prepare basic equipment, because I like shopping.
So I have old-fashioned tennis rackets, a pin-pong racket, a badminton racket.
I have a basketball.
I used to have a set of sky, fins for scuba diving.
I have old-fashioned leotard for Jazz dance, a sweat suit for aerobics, yoga mats, walking shoes, and even a pair of dumbbells in the "closet".
The newest equipment, actually they are not equipments, golf shoes and gloves.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sports -1- Sports Event

What is the most exciting sports event you have been to?
To tell the truth, I don't like watching sports except ice figure skating on TV. On the other hand my younger brother and my mother are into watching baseball games on TV. In my mother's case, she watches baseball game on TV while listening to the game on the radio.I think it is crazy. And some of my friends are also into watching baseball games. When I was in my 20's, I was taken to watch a pro baseball game at a stadium. We couldn't afford to buy infield stands seats, so we watched the game sitting on the outfield stands. To be my surprised they were full of people who cheered a team. Of course my friend was a big fan of the team. They were really exciting and really busy to cheer their team. They have rules to cheer them. According to the rules they cheered the team. I didn't remember how the game was going, because I was too busy cheering to watch he game. BUT probably it is the most exciting sports event for me I've been to.

What is the most expensive ticket price you have paid to see a live event? Was it worth it?
Probably it is the ticket for F1 race in SUZUKA Circuit. Actually the expensive cost was not for for the ticket, but for the transportation. It was difficult to get the ticket. One of my friend got tickets, but unfortunately he had to cancel because of his business. So my husband I went there instead of him by SHINKANSEN (bullet train). It was a one day trip, so it was a really expensive trip. And I was really surprised at the speed , noise(sound?) and punch. I understood why boys (and some girls) tended to loose their heads with cars. If I had a chance I would go and see a car race at the Monaco GP, though I'm not crazy about cars.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I got up at 7, left home at 7:30. And I got health check without breakfast. It was finished about 10. My husband picked me up. At the clinic we got branch.
I hope I have nothing wrong, but I might have something wrong. Unfortunately I was pointed out in breasts check by a doctor. He said it might be just fat. I believe so. Actually before I was pointed out about the same thing.
I also gut uterus check, now I'm taking a wait-and-see approach.
And I had barium contrastx-ray. Especially in the afternoon, I had diarrhea. It couldn't be helped I had to discharge the barium. it made me really tired.
At 6 PM, I got up, but it was trouble to prepare dinner, So we went out for dinner. And we had ramen. After that we went to see a movie. It was a night show, so it was not expensive. The movie was finished at 11. We dropped by a nearby public bath. I went to bed at 12.

It was really tiring but exciting day.
This week I have a Valentine lesson week. I'm going to have a craft lesson with my students.
Do you have any plans for your Valentine?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Everyday, ever where I see the word of "recession". And actually we suffer from recession.
Now new terms is going to start, but until now I don't have new students, otherwise some students cancelled the class from next term because of recession. It can't be helped.
I suffer income-cut, and unfortunately not only me. my husband either.

It sounds a big problem, and actually it must be a big problem. But it can't be helped.

Do we work much harder? Some people start to work more part time job. And it is said people who can find more jog are lucky. (Though to find regular job is a little bit difficult, but to find part time job is not so difficult if we don't choose the type.)

Fortunately until now we can manage our life though I may send our daughters an allowance less.

I try to write positive things.

Thanks of recession, my husband sometimes comes back early and we have dinner together ( It means my housework gets more, opt, I have to stop saying negative things.)

And I "am going to" start walking for fitness instead of going to the gym. (Before we suffered recession, I stopped working out in the gym because of my illness.) Walking is free.

In spring new term starts, and I can't imagine what life would be like. BUT any until March, I have some wonderful events.
The end of month, my elder daughter is going to held the second exhibition with her friends.

And next month to celebrate my husband's 25 working for ****, and our 24 wedding , we are going to visit my friend in the U.S.A. I got a passport. And this travel is going to be the first overseas travel for us. (We went to HOKKAIDO in Japan on our honeymoon.)

To tell the truth, since November I'm not in good shape. So this week end I have to take a health check. I hope I don't have anything wrong, and I will go to America.

Have a nice weekend!