Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Finally --- I want to tell you two things.
The first thing is that, just , my new fiscal year has started. in 20 minutes two girls are going to come.
And the second thing is, that my daughter came back here until tomorrow and we were waiting a phone calling, and finally we got a call from the art university where she graduated about a week ago. She got a part time job there as an assistant. So she could get a toehold in the art industry.

If she didn't get the job, her main job would be a waitress at a restaurant. Now he main job is an assistant, it is a part time job though.


志竹 said...
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Mieko said...

To somone
Thank you for your comments, but I'm sorry I can't read it, the characters are garbled.

Nana said...

its a good thing right..? (^___^)

Mieko said...

Nana, of course!