Friday, April 09, 2010

Pollen doesn't circulate so much this year????

For me today it is not so "warm" , it is April though. But everyboday say it seems to be cold this April. I don't know , but it is the reason why this year I don't suffer a bad pollen allergy fortunately or unfortunately.

So blooming of cherry brossomes could cerebrate entrance ceremonies of schools. This weekend it will be the best to appreciate cherry brossomes in Utsunimoya."If" it isn't rain, and it isn't cold (for me) , we will go to see cherry brossomes near the small mound.

In my garden , which it is in a shaded area, some flowers finaly started to open, narcissuses, muscaris,etc.

But tulips that I planted from the bulbs, .... OH, I'm sorry, I dropped big boxes on them, so they were broken.


Anonymous said...
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Mieko said...

To someone
Thanks for your comments, but unfortunatley the characters are garbled. Did you wirte in Japanese? Please write one more time in English.