Monday, April 19, 2010

Probably I can get e-mails

Good morning.
These days we can't get private e-mails well. Probably now we can.
If someone sent us e-mails, for these days, please send them again.

Well, the weather in "Japan" is terrible. On last Friday we had snowy rain, or snow. Actually when we got up Saturday morning, the roofs and gardens were lightly coated with snow.
But yesterday, and the day before yesterday, they were warm, actaully it was spring.

Today, it is sunny and seems to be warm. Tomorrow??? I don't know.
Anyway this week has started.

The list that I have to do is ...

Ask to deliver kerosene
Ask to order our favorite coffee beans
make lots for my classes
make a monthly newsletter for my students' parents
make a small test for my students

go "walking" to a groceries store nearby and a bank that is a little bit far
---- on my schedule, I'm going to go walking, but -- I may go there by car.

For a while, I am at this PC.

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