Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today it was like an early summer.

Though I'm wearing a "thin" sweater, today it was really warm, like an early summer.
The students who came in the afternoon were wearing T-shirts. And the gardener who had trimmed the trees in my house since yesterday, was wearing "thin" overalls that were different from yesterday's overalls.
I hope the weather will get normal spring weather, but according to the weather forecast, it will get cold again this weekend.

Do you remember how was the weather last summer or last winter??
I remembered the last winter was really really cold than the year before last year. (or we can say the winter the year before the last year wasn't so cold than usual years)
I had forgot the weather in the last summer. But I remembered it was really humid than usual. Because I bought a new dehumidifier in my classroom.
Why I' m writing about the weather, is --- the gardener said "Why this year there are lots of worms on the trees".

Anyway he omitted lots of small worms, but probably in the rainy season, hidden worms are going to come out. So he is going to come to spray expellant in the rainy season. It will be the first time since we came here.

More than ten years have passed since I knew the gardener. At that time he was in the thirty's, and he posted his brochures into each post. Coincidentally I talked with him when he was posting, and I was asked to trim our trees at really low price, and he comes to my house once a year at the same price. Now he incorporates his business, he has some employees, and he constantly undertakes some public works.

Well, Well, students in the next lesson comes. Talk to you later.

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