Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberry Jam

Now in this area, for farmers their strawberry harvest season is finished. They dig out all strawberry plants and start growing new seedlings.

So, sometimes I get lots of good strawberries from my friends free. To tell the truth, I got last week, and made jam. And yesterday I also got baskets of strawberries. So I'm making jam again.
Lea, can you hear me??? I hope you see this blog. ( I know you could reach this blog in these days.)
Yesterday, she drooped into my house. She is going back to France in two weeks. I know her Japanese is being really improved. But now she is standing in front of big hole, or, wall.
Everybody except Yuki and I praise her for her Japanese. It is right. But like my English, it's not so good. Everybody praise her, so she assumes that her Japanese makes sense. Unfortunately, try to talk with her more, it is getting hard to understand what she wants to say.
Learning Japanese from conversation has its limits. Reading and writing are necessary.
Halfhearted Japanese sometimes causes misunderstanding and troubles.
Lea, you had a good chance to know " practical & casual" Japanese, so when you come back to France, you should start to learn "clear (or formal)" Japanese.
I know you have good ears, so reading and writing make your Japanese perfect.
Well, Well, --- on the other hand, while 10 days with Jan, my English was --- really bad. Sorry Jan. To tell the truth, I gave up to thinking something in English. I know not only Lea, I have to study English more, especially in my case to train my ears.

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