Monday, June 07, 2010

Garden 2

Now actually we have May weather.
Not so hot, not so cold, it is good for me. And of course we have sudden thunder
To tell more concretely, suddenly on a fine day, it gets dark with clouds and we hear thunder with heavy rain ( the day before yesterday, we had hail), and after a few minutes it gets sunny again.
Thunder and lightning is one of characterising things in TOCHIGI. So some people who are not born in TOCHIGI says "Why people in TOCHIGI are not afraid of thunder and lightning".

I have one rose tree, and it started blooming. And Chinese rampions also started blooming.
Today, Lea comes to eat dinner with us. It will be the last day we(Yuki and I) see her. She will return to France on Friday. She came "here" last September. It is true time flies like arrows.

The day before yesterday one man came to eat dinner with us. Do you remember the blog about Mexican cooking lesson. Last winter? we took his Mexican cooking lesson. At that time we made tacos, but they were not so"hot" for Yuki, so I want to let them to eat "hot" tacos. But -- I failed. the tacos or salsa source I made was not enough hot for them. Anyway they enjoyed tacos with pepper sauce and jalapeno sauce.

Well, well, probably for a while we will not have any guests. Both of us , for a while "dedicate" to each jobs. I have to attend "business"meetings on some weekend, and Yuki is going to go to China on business.

Thanks of Jan, new habit added to "my" way to enjoy eating. I usually don't drink alcohol. But "a little" vodka with much cranberry juice is good. Now the expensive vodka has already gone, and instead of it usual vodka bottle and expensive SHISO juice bottle are on the table.

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