Sunday, July 21, 2013

 A positive woman

It's difficult to explain my emotion even in Japanese, but not to forget my feeling I'll try to express my emotion on this blog in English.

Yesterday I went to an exhibition. An acquaintance is holding her first beaded accessories exhibition.
I know her through each blog and volunteer activities. I've know she has a girl with illness who is in her 20's. However----

At the place she holds her exhibition, we could talk for a while. She and I are in the same generation, but it was the first time to talk with each other individually. But as soon as we talked we became good friends.

Her daughter can't move, can't speak. Her brain got a damage from  flu when she was three years old. Fortunately she could escape death. And fortunately she grew even though very slowly, so anyway she could eat from her mouth.
She said that for these 20 years, medicine and rehabilitation technique has been really improved. And services to the disabled are getting better. Her daughter goes to day-care center every day even on weekends. Thanks to this service, she can spend every day with energy. She doesn't need to confine themselves to the house.

She kept smiling while she was talking. I couldn't say anything. I tend to envy others. I know what she hates is to sorry for her. So I have to do things what I can do. I got energy from her. Thanks Ms. Y.

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