Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Flower arrangement

Loot at this photo. I made it.

My friend and I went to a flower shop and arranged flowers which are mainly herbs in this doll-shaped container. I put it  at the door.
The owner of the flower shop prepared six kinds of flowers . First I put net in the bottom not to spread soil, and put soil and dressing. Next I raveled the plants and divided them into two or three, and put them into the container of my choice.
Making something is fun. Appreciating my work is fun. But I have to water it every day. It's troublesome. But it's not necessary to weed. It means it's the season to weed. I know, though I always take care the entrance, the grass grows in the backyard. Probably this weekend I'll weed. Today after I write it, I have to attend a study meeting.

Well, before going to the flower shop, my friend and I had a lunch at a new Chinese restaurant.
There something interesting was served. It was a fortune pie.

The fortune telling in my sheet is that if you use your brain and physical body more , you 'll get more power. I know it. So I continue writing this blog, and I sometimes go to workout.

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