Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How should I cook GOYA

Do you know GOYA? I know it's the season of GOYA. And I got lots of GOYA from the neighbor next door. They are raising GOYA.
Their GOYA is round compared with GOYA at the supermarket. Smaller ones are easier to cook for me. But I got lot. What should I do? GOYA is really bitter.

Last night I made GOYA and pumpkin salad. The sweetness of pumpkin softens the bitter of GOYA.

This morning I fried GOYA with tofu, and pork, which are called CHAMPLU. The simple taste of TOFU softens the bitter of GOYA.
I still have some GOYA. I want to use them which are in fresh, but, -- it seems to be difficult. So I'll slice them and freeze them.
Do you have GOYA in your country?

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