Thursday, July 25, 2013

I lost.

Today it was a day of garbage pickup.  I laughed at myself when I took out the garbage.

This morning when I picked parsley from the garden, I was really surprised at lot of weeds. Probably yesterday rain got lots of energy to the weed. Anyway after breakfast I weeded a bucket of weeds.  Why a bucket of weeds? I decided to weed just a bucket of weeds.  It was enough for me as one of morning chores. Probably next day I'll weed another bucked of weeds.
And I took the weed garbage out. There were already four big bags of weed garbage. Yesterday it was raining, so probably someone got up early and weeded. I lost and I grinned.

Let's change the subject. Have you ever cooked pickled whole tomatoes? Yesterday I got lots of tomatoes.The easiest way to eat is salad using fresh tomatoes. But  I peeled tomatoes in hot water and pickled them. I used rice vinegar, wine, and honey instead of sugar to make pickled liquid.

The pickled tomatoes were delicious. We ate  a whole of tomato easily. Well can you see something green on the plate? It's parsley I picked this morning. It isn't garnish, it's one of morning vegetables. Of course we ate.

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